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MES system project kick-off meeting was successfully held

On September 25, 2020, Transin Technologies MES system project kick-off meeting was grandly held. Geyang Du, General Manager of Transin Technologies, Ming Cai, Vice President, managers of various departments, Qiyin Pan, project director of MES system supplier, and the project team participated in this conference.


The meeting made detailed explanations on MES system project goals, project implementation plans and implementation systems, and made arrangements for project organization and operation management. The project kick-off meeting was successfully held, which will lay the foundation for both parties' follow-up communication and cooperation.


President Du introduced the inspection and selection process of MES system suppliers on behalf of Transin Technologies and emphasized that the purpose of the MES system is to use the functions of the MES system to improve company management in terms of product material and process traceability, production execution process, and quality control error prevention. To implement the various functions of the project, not to deal with customer audits or just a mere formality; Mr. Cai further clarified the project goals of the MES system and mobilized the management personnel of various departments present to fully cooperate with the implementation of the project.

Project Director Pan gave a detailed introduction to the MES project overview, project scope, project promotion plan, etc., so that the Transin team has a deeper understanding of the MES system.


After the meeting, project team members visited the production line and had in-depth exchanges on the details of the project launch.

Transin Technologies MES system has officially entered the implementation stage, which will open a new chapter for Transin Technologies to optimize the production management information platform, improve quality control, and build an intelligent manufacturing factory.



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