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Chenzhou Two-day Tour

In order to enhance communication between employees and enhance team cohesion, the company specially organizes a two-day trip for employees in Chenzhou.

On the morning of the first day, we arranged a tour of Suxianling, the "18th blessed land in the world". We played a team building game firstly, then climbed Suxianling and climbed to the top of the mountain, overlooking the panoramic view of Chenzhou, Fucheng. There are "fairy" traces on the ridge such as Bailu Cave, Shengxian Stone, Wangmu Pine, etc., and the natural landscape scenery has been famous for a long time. "Tasha Xing. Chenzhou Hostel" written by Qin Shaoyou lyrics, Su Dongpo postscript, and Mi Fu was reprinted on the rock wall of Su Xianling, known as the "Three Jue Steles" in history. In the afternoon, we hiked the Xiaodongjiang River and laughed all the way. The green hills on both sides of the bank were green hills, hundreds of birds sang in the mountains, and the boats were lightly swinging among them.

创芯技术郴州两日游  åˆ›èŠ¯æŠ€æœ¯éƒ´å·žä¸¤æ—¥æ¸¸

In the morning of the second day, the bicycle path is 10 kilometers long, and there is a tunnel of about 1000 meters at each end. Every time you ride into the tunnel, it is like passing through a time shuttle. The tunnel is very cool in summer! After passing through the tunnel, you can see the misty and misty Xiaodongjiang River. Continue to ride along the river and pass through another tunnel to get a close view of the Dongjiang Dam. At the end of the ride, head to Gaoyiling Geological Park. Gaoyiling Mountain, water, springs, caves, villages, cliffs, and tanks are complete. It is an undeveloped virgin land of Danxia landform. Water puddles, red rocks and green waters, dangerous villages and strange streams, ecological and natural. In the afternoon, we will visit the company's Hunan manufacturing base. After the visit, we will return to Shenzhen by car to end the pleasant trip to Hunan!


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